Mandarin(P): guǎ
Mandarin(Z): ㄍㄨㄚˇ
Korean(Eum): 과 [gwa]
Korean(H/E): 바를 과
Japanese(On): か, け [ka, ke]
Japanese(Kun): わける [wakeru]
Rad.-Add. str. Index: [13.4]
Total strokes: 6
Unicode: U+518E
JIS X 0212-1990: 1883
Cangjie: BNB
Hanyu Da Zidian: 10100.050
Kang Xi: 0129.090
CiHai: 165.202
Morohashi: 01525
Dae Jaweon: 0290.050

Chinese-English-Asian dictionary. 2013.

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